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It’s camera sale time again

Ok kids, it’s that time of the year again. I’m selling my almost mint-condition Nikon D800E digital SLR for £1250 plus shipping.

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South Korea, 2012

My exploratory maps of Tokyo and Sendai (December 2013)

My current film backlog: 102 rolls. Crap!!!

My exploratory map of Istanbul (October 2013)

The Yangtze River (2011)

"They called me a corporate whore" at the 2013 Noorderlicht Festival.

What brought the stranger to town


I’m often asked how I decide to visit the places that I end up photographing. While the standard answer proffered to everyone is that I use Google Maps’ satellite view functionality, what does this really mean beyond that simplistic explanation?

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Take 3

Writing is hard work for me. It’s a constant struggle to sound vaguely eloquent, to link terse sentences together into some kind of flowing prose. I’ll spend days tweaking sentences and shifting text only to remain frustratingly dissatisfied by the ponderousness of it all. When Port Magazine asked for a short piece, I worked for a couple of days on something which was considerably rewritten and improved upon by my contact there. Not willing to let it rest (let’s face it, this blog could do with some activity), I present to you my version of his improvement. Y’know, what I really need is a good editor I can regularly lean on for help!


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The Good, the Bad and the Just-About-Okay (exhibition reviews, that is)

Here’s a selection of reviews from my recent show at the Third Floor Gallery. The opinions range from the positive to the opaque to the downright scathing, which goes to show again that you can’t expect and shouldn’t attempt to please everyone.

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Solo show at the Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff

So all I seem to be doing recently on this journal is announcing new shows. I know, I know, my bad, but I will atone for my sins later in the year.

This is my first solo show in the UK! The Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff have been fantastic with this. The exhibition is from February 2 to 17 March, with the opening on Friday February 1 at 102 Bute Street, Cardiff.

You’ll see more posts about this show later, but for now if you’re in Wales, I hope to see you on Friday night!

Group show in Austria

Having enjoyed a social-networking-free summer, I’m delighted to return… wait, no, I’m not delighted, every photographer’s announcement of something good involves the words “delighted” or “honoured” or “humbled”. I’m tickled pink to announce that 30 of my photos will be exhibited in the Stadtmuseum Graz in Austria as part of their “Eyes on the City” exhibition, opening on Saturday 13 October at 19:30.

The photographers involved are:

  • Olivo Barbieri
  • Peter Bialobrzeski
  • Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber
  • Hin Chua
  • Lee Friedlander
  • Aglaia Konrad
  • Anne Lass
  • Paul Albert Leitner
  • Simona Rota

Yeah, who would have thought that by the coincidences of alphabetic sorting that you’d see me next to the big F right? Anyway, here’s more information about the exhibition and the catalogue.

Exhibition details

Stadtmuseum Graz
Sackstrasse 18
Graz 8010

Tickled pink, tickled pink!

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