Hin Chua's Magnetic North

Hin Chua's Magnetic North

Magnetic North can be considered a base camp, a general point of reference for my wanderings and ramblings.


This is the ‘After the Fall’ slideshow which was recently shown at the ASA Collective slideshow in London. I’ve been trying to figure out how to better represent this project ever since the LOOKbetween event in Virginia, where I was exposed to the complete gamut of multimedia presentation options.

In the end, I settled on a simple approach of working with a sequence of paired photographs. I didn’t want to use a technique as explicit as diptychs, relying instead upon specific transition effects to both distinguish and isolate the pairings. Another challenge was to ensure that the connections between images were neither too subtle nor heavy-handed: an exercise in trying to be clever, but not too clever (given how the photographs would be viewed).

View the slideshow in high-definition on Vimeo.

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    A pre-travel visual gift.
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    Highly recommended viewing. I’m a big fan...Hin Chua’s photography.
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