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Solo show in Paris

Greetings comrades,

It may please you (it certainly pleases me!) to know that I will be having a solo show in Paris in a couple of weeks. I first met with the great crew at La Petite Poule Noire during Paris Photo in November and we spent the next month discussing the possibility of an exhibition. I’m thrilled to say this has come to pass.

So for everyone in the vicinity, please consider this to be your formal invitation to the opening. I’ll be displaying 30 prints from After the Fall and for those of you with money in your pockets, they’ll all be for sale. I will also be in Paris for the weekend of the opening, so it’d be more than a pleasure to catch up with some of you!

Opening details

Saturday 4th February (18:30 to 22:00)

La Petite Poule Noire
12 bd des Filles du Calvaire
75011 Paris

The gallery is nearest the Saint S├ębastien Froissart metro station on the 8 line, but also very walkable from Oberkampf on the 5 line. Here’s a map.

The exhibition proper runs till Saturday 17th March (the gallery is closed during Fashion Week).


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