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Group show in Austria

Having enjoyed a social-networking-free summer, I’m delighted to return… wait, no, I’m not delighted, every photographer’s announcement of something good involves the words “delighted” or “honoured” or “humbled”. I’m tickled pink to announce that 30 of my photos will be exhibited in the Stadtmuseum Graz in Austria as part of their “Eyes on the City” exhibition, opening on Saturday 13 October at 19:30.

The photographers involved are:

  • Olivo Barbieri
  • Peter Bialobrzeski
  • Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber
  • Hin Chua
  • Lee Friedlander
  • Aglaia Konrad
  • Anne Lass
  • Paul Albert Leitner
  • Simona Rota

Yeah, who would have thought that by the coincidences of alphabetic sorting that you’d see me next to the big F right? Anyway, here’s more information about the exhibition and the catalogue.

Exhibition details

Stadtmuseum Graz
Sackstrasse 18
Graz 8010

Tickled pink, tickled pink!


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