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Photos from my show in Paris

So a giant big fantastic thanks to everyone who came to the opening and to everyone else who made this possible. It was great meeting up and talking to all of you and even greater getting drunk with some of you.

And to all of those that backed up their enthusiasm for my work by actually dropping cold hard cash for prints, thank you so much! I never expected to see so many red dots on the first night (a very very cold night, I may add). You all made it worthwhile!

Format Festival hanging guide

Here’s the hanging plan I used for my exhibition at the Format Festival earlier this year. I wanted to use images of different sizes, and I was growing exceedingly tired of the traditional horizontal grid. I felt I needed something a little more organic that gelled more closely with the meandering way I made my photographs.

This hanging plan was the result. At the festival’s opening night, I was boogying on the dance floor with the delightful girl who hung my work. “Hin, to be honest I was terrified of making a mistake! This was the most complex thing I had to do during the whole week!” While I sympathised in the flesh, a part of me quietly rejoiced internally: I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

New Territories, Hong Kong, January 2009

The story behind this photo was that I needed a place to pee badly. Really badly. I came across a small scrapyard that was sealed off by a gate and fence. As I debated whether to dash inside, the caretaker noticed me looking in with my camera and very generously beckoned me inside. I made this exposure and then quickly ran behind the pilings to relieve myself. Too much information? I think not!

Outside a Japanese Self-Defence Force base, Kyoto, December 2010

The ephmeral ephmeral

My photography is so focused on capturing the ephemeral: landscapes, or scenes within landscapes that are transitory either in state or in terms of my relationship with them.

In that spirit, here’s a photograph of those photographs: 145 undeveloped rolls of film from February 2011 to the present, which includes my China trip. The odds are good that I may never see a sight like this again.

'After the Fall' at the 2011 FORMAT Festival

I’ll be exhibiting ‘After the Fall’ at the FORMAT Festival in Derby in March 2011. There’ll be a diverse and interesting range of work being shown: I’ll personally be curious to see Amy Stein, Bruno Quinquet and Trent Parke amongst others (you’ll find my exhibition at the QUAD). 

The theme of this year’s exhibition was “exposures in the public realm” and when I was invited to submit a proposal, my initial concern was how to describe my work within that context. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, here’s what I settled upon:

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Turning Point

A mile from Zhang Jiang High Technology Park, Shanghai, 2007

I should be writing to tell you all about 2010 (screw 2011!), but I’m knee-deep in my scanning and planning my next photographic expedition. To tide you over till next week (I promise), here’s an (extended version of) article I wrote for last year’s fLIP magazine about a particular turning point in my photographic life.

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